Original Carpe Diem Coin

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I designed the Original Carpe Diem coin for myself, to carry in my Greg Stevens Design wallet, as a reminder to enjoy and make the most of every day.

I designed one side with an image of death (the skull), plus an image representing time (the escape wheel gear found in all mechanical clocks and watches), to drive the point home at a single glance. "Time Flies" becomes more of a reality every day as I approach 50 years of age, and see my two sons, one now in college and the other in high school grow older before my eyes. "Death Waits" is a grim reminder that at the end of all your uncertain days alive, there is the certainty of death.

Make the most of every day you have. Work hard, but play hard. Do good for others not as fortunate as you. Be present in the lives of friends and family.

My Original Carpe Diem coin struck a chord with others, as I began receiving requests to make more to sell. This lead to my kickstarter campaign for all three of my Carpe Diem EDC pieces.

Original Carpe Diem coins are made of bronze steel.  Diameter is 37.4mm (1.47 inches), and depth is 2.8mm.  The coins are a hefty .7 ounces (19.9 grams).


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